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How to grow a garden at your rental home in Dubai 

Few points to consider before plant @ your home.

If you are Dream about Small Garden at home, just keep in mind about some basic things….

1. Follow the sun

It’s just a beginning of your dream plant to live longer.



Before you do anything in the way of planting you need to understand where and when your garden space gets sunlight.

The basic principle here is, grow plants that are suited to the conditions. Study your sunlight, do your research, find out what grows best where, and plant accordingly.

2. Go pots & planters

There are lots of good reasons to start your garden small and build up over time.
Firstly, pots and planters are a quick way to get a garden going without too much effort.
Secondly, they’re portable – you can easily ‘transplant’ your garden from one house to the next. And finally, if you’re clever, they don’t have to be costly. Good places to find cheap pots & planters include garage sales, tip shops and free-cycle sites; other sources are the nature strip can be get it from Dubai Plant Souq. (Visit

3. Seeds or seedlings?

There’s no doubt that growing things from seed is cheaper than buying seedlings, but the answer to this question very much depends on your level of experience. It is probably worth it, as you’ll have herbs available for cooking in no time and you can always add herbs grown from seed as the seasons progress. Basil, coriander, dill and chives all grow well from seed.

4. Don’t dream it, do it!

If you’re planning on staying somewhere for a while, take it slowly. See the process in six month increments, so that by the end of the first six months you’re already eating salad greens and herbs from your balcony pots, or you’ve created a shaded outdoor eating area in your sun-drenched

Key Points to Remember:
1. Plant at the shades of Sunlight
2. Plan for some indoor plants which supports you to motivate
3. Plant small and make it big. Keep patience.
4. Don’t dream it, just do it
5. Indoor Gardening is not only for physical exercise but also it helps you to motivate and makes you fresh mentally.

Happy Gardening!

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